How Kallypso Masters made Santa’s Naughty List — Free Gift & a Giveaway!

I released an advanced copy of the third book in my Rescue Me series two days before Christmas. One of the reviewers of the ARC said I made Santa’s naughty list this year. Rather than tell you how, I’ll just show you with this excerpt.

Background: Widower Adam Montague is a 50-year-old Dom (with a remarkable likeness to Mark Harmon, especially his “Master Gibbs” character in NCIS). Karla Paxton is a 25-year-old singer in his BDSM fetish club who he met when she was sixteen and in need of rescuing at the Chicago bus station. They came back together at the end of the introduction to the series (Masters at Arms—see below how you can get a free copy) and now she’s declared war on his heart.

The 137,000-word novel opens exactly where the previous book in the series left off. (These are not stand-alone novels—more like a soap opera, because the characters always still have more to work on, even after their happy endings.)

Karla started lusting for Adam at age 16, but since they reunited three months early, he’s continued to treat her like a kid and ignore her interest in him. I should point out that I don’t write sex romps. There will be an emotional roller-coaster that the characters have to go through on their journey to a happy ending. But this excerpt is pure sex romp.

Setup: Adam was injured trying to rescue Karla again at the end of Nobody’s Angel, and has been home recovering and on pain pills for more than a week. Karla, exhausted from being at his bedside ever since the attack, decides she must get some sleep and crawls into that great big king-sized bed with him, careful to stay on “her” side.

At last, the sleep that had eluded her since Adam was injured beckoned. She surrendered…

Adam’s hard body nestled against her backside, and his arm curled around her waist with his firm hand cupping her breast. She’d had erotic dreams of Adam before and gave in to this one, snuggling against him. His erection—larger than she’d dreamed it in the past—pressed against her ass. The hand on her breast stirred and his finger and thumb rolled her nipple, causing her hips to jerk back against his hard penis.

Karla gasped. Too real. Her eyes flew open to find herself in near darkness, but she came fully awake in an instant. This was no dream.

More like a dream come true.


 He continued to play with her nipple, teasing it to the point of pain, sending jolts of electricity to her girly bits. She held her breath, not wanting to wake him. Not wanting to stop him.

Touch me.

 His hand left her breast and roamed across her abdomen. Oh, dear Lord, had he heard her silent plea? Or had she spoken the plaintive words aloud? She raised her leg, tenting the covers, giving him easier access. Usually she slept in the nude, but the thigh-length t-shirt had been her concession to decency while watching over Adam. She wore no panties and knew she was seconds away from having Adam’s fingers on her…

Touch me there, Adam.

His hand continued to glide down her body, over her hips, onto her bare thigh, then he stopped. No! Not yet! He stroked her inner thigh and pulled her legs even more open, and his hand moved upward. Her heart pounded in her ears.

Oh, yes, love. There.

 If he stopped now, she’d surely die. She licked her lips, which had gone dry. When had she started panting like a dog in heat? Oh, dear Lord. She should wake him. This wasn’t right. He didn’t even know he was with her. He could be dreaming of Joni.

No. She wouldn’t think about his dead wife now. Joni was gone. Joni couldn’t give Adam what he needed anymore.

But would Karla stop him, even if she wanted to? She needed his hands on her so badly. Had craved this moment for so many years. When his finger slid over her clit, she gasped. So sensitive. The little nubbin went into spasms. She’d touched herself there before with her fingers and her vibrator, but no one else had ever done so. What a difference—not knowing how he would caress her, where, when, how much pressure.

His finger delved between her curly folds and pressed against her pussy’s very wet opening. He entered her, filling her tight hole, but didn’t go far before he pulled out again and returned to touching her clit. She’d dreamed of having Adam touch her like this for so long. Now he was doing just what she wanted. She’d always hoped one day he would make love to her.

But not like this.

 She had to wake him. Whether he was in a deep sleep or under the influence of the pain killers, it was wrong to take advantage of him like this. She scooted onto her back to face him and he nuzzled her neck, his whiskers scratching against the tender skin there. Her clit throbbed against his finger.

“Oh, God, Karla. Now you’ve invaded my fucking dreams.”

Karla? He’d said her name! Adam was dreaming about her. Not Joni. A delicious euphoria spread through her that felt like when she hit a particularly high note with perfect pitch. She relaxed and smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck, then easing away again when she remembered his injuries. His finger continued to stroke her clit, and she rocked against his hand, moaning.

Don’t stop, Adam.

Her heartbeat sent an insistent throbbing to her clit. More. Oh, dear Lord, she wanted so much more of him. As if he heard her, he raised his body, groaning in pain. Marc had said he should avoid strenuous activity. Oh, God. How strenuous was too strenuous?

All lucid thought vanished as his body hovered over hers, his finger inside her. Instead, she thought about whether she should stroke him; how she should move. With tentative fingers, she stroked his bulging, corded biceps, shivering at the raw power there, despite his having been weakened from the cougar attack.

“So wet,” his voice rasped.

His finger entered her again. Then another finger. Oh, God, yes. She bucked her hips up against him.

“I can’t wait, kitten. I promise I’ll go slower next time.”

Kitten. The endearment melted her into a pool of Jell-O.

He pushed his sweatpants off his hips, releasing his penis. His very hot, hard penis which now pressed against her pussy. He rubbed the tip against her cleft, from her vagina to her clit, again and again. Oh, yes. At last, he was pressing against her pussy, pushing himself inside, slowly filling her. Her hips bucked up toward him, taking him deeper.

“So fucking tight.”

His finger stroked her clit and she moaned as waves of sensation spread through her. She felt as if she would fly off the bed.

“Yes, Adam. Don’t stop.” His finger moved faster. “Oh, God!” She moved her hands up to stroke Adam’s chest. His pecs felt like steel. “Oh, please, don’t stop!” Her hips began to buck even harder, against his finger, his penis.

“Come for me, kitten.”

His finger against her clit stroked faster, sending waves of electricity throughout her pelvis. “Yes. Oh, Adam, yesss!” She found herself just on the edge of a precipice, hovering above the unknown. Step off. Fly. Her breathing stopped. “Oh, oh, ohhhh!” So close. She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck, pulling him down to kiss her. With a groan, he rammed his penis fully inside her.

Her scream of pain filled his mouth and brought his body to a halt. The unanticipated pain registered in her mind a half-second later. Tears stung her eyes. She’d read about the breaking of a woman’s hymen and how much it was supposed to hurt, but she’d had no idea. Luckily, just as quickly as the pain had come, it receded.

“No fucking way.”

She opened her eyes to look up at him and found Adam staring down at her in disbelief as realization dawned.

She whimpered. She wanted. She needed.

“Adam, I saved myself for you. I wanted only you. Please don’t pull away from me now.”

The look of torture and remorse on his face hurt exponentially more than the hurt she’d felt a moment ago. “What have I done, Karla?”

“Nothing I didn’t want you to do.” She reached up and stroked the planes of his beautiful face. “I wanted you to make love to me more than anything, Adam.”

But not as much as I want you to love me.

 “I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life.” She tilted her hips, wincing at the residual tenderness, but she wanted Adam to finish what he’d started, damn it. “Please, don’t leave me like this.”

Please don’t leave me—ever.

 With a groan, he lowered his forehead to hers, gasping for air from his earlier exertions. Then his hips began to move as he pulled out of her. No, Adam! She clenched her vagina around his penis, not wanting to let him go. When he thrust back inside her, it caused some discomfort, but she controlled her facial expression, not wanting to reveal any negative emotion for fear he would stop. Oh, she didn’t want him to stop. She smiled, then gasped and held on when his finger stroked the nubbin that had become even more sensitive than before. She tried to evade his finger.

“Stop. It’ll be better for you this way.”

And that was just Chapter Two! Nobody’s Hero is the third in my debut series, Rescue Me, not a stand-alone novel. If you haven’t started the series yet, please accept a free copy of Masters at Arms, the introduction to the series (with prequels for the romances of the three Doms who own the club). Use coupon code ZB72J (not case-sensitive) at Smashwords (; coupon is good through Jan. 12. Nobody’s Hero and the Rescue Me series is sold at Amazon (, Barnes & Noble (, Smashwords (, and All Romance eBooks. (

Please leave a comment and your e-mail address below for a chance to win a copy of Nobody’s Hero. (If you already have a copy, I’ll add you to the list for a free copy of Nobody’s Perfect when it’s published this coming spring.) The winner will be chosen by Kally using sometime after 12 noon Eastern (US) on Sunday, Jan. 8.

I love having readers help me with the writing of my stories and development of my characters, so I often ask questions on my Facebook Kallypso Masters Author Page ( seeking advice. The answers often become part of the current or future books and sometimes my readers know the characters better than I do! I invite you to “like” my author page and send a friend request to my personal Facebook page (, if you’d like. (I get a little more “personal” there.) I’m also on Twitter (!/kallypsomasters/) and Goodreads (

I hope you have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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  1. Thanks for the free read. It sounds great and the reviews were super.

  2. Omgoodness! LOVED that excerpt! Now I want to go back and read book one and two ASAP!

  3. I loved Master at Arms, and i’m even re reading it. I just got Nobodys’ Angel.
    Loving the series, and want to finish…*S*
    Thank you fro the giveaway, and wishing you a wonderful success your books are awesome..*S*



  4. I loved Master at Arms, and i’m even re reading it. I just got Nobodys’ Angel.
    Loving the series, and want to finish…*S*
    Thank you fro the giveaway, and wishing you a wonderful success your books are awesome..*S*


  5. Anyone who has not read Kally’s books need to run to your favorite ebook seller and get them. They are GREAT!!! I am a huge fan of Kally, She tells a great story!
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  6. Thank you for the free book. I actually found Nobody’s Hero on ARE a few days ago and fell in love with the excerpt. Definitely on my wish list. lisagk(at)(yahoo)(dot)com

  7. Marianne Chiumento

    Already re-reading Nobody’s Angel thanks to Kally sending me the final cut of the book. I love this series!

  8. That was HAWT…my hubby liked it too!!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  9. Thanks for the excerpt. Can’t wait to read Nobody’s Hero. The first two , I read in a couple of hours. They were incredible.


  10. This book is Fabulous! Kally writes beautiful scenes and her characters are so well developed that they come to life on the page! You will laugh and cry and feel the joy and sorrow that inhabits these “people”.
    Go now-buy it! Beth W.

  11. great post !! i love these books :)

  12. Great excerpt! Would love to read the rest.

  13. Sorry I am a bit late announcing the winner! Life has been intruding lately. But I just did the drawing and the winner is Brenda Ross! Brenda, I’ll be in touch via Facebook to get your info for the giveaway. (I’m guessing you’ll be getting Nobody’s Perfect–book 4.) :)

    Thanks, everyone, for stopping by to read the excerpt!


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